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PET Barriers, Tints and Recycling
November 2001
This is the Executive Summary to a 75-page report by the Project analyzing the impacts on recycling of new barrier and amber tinted PET bottles. The report is the first to objectively quantify those impacts, and it finds that the costs to recyclers from the first generation amber tinted barrier bottles will be significant when the bottles are rolled out in the market. To purchase the full report click here: or call Karen Vailancourt at 1-800-524-PACK (7225) within the U.S. or Canada. All others call 1-610-436-4220 (ext. 11). The cost of the report is $2,500.

New Plastic Packaging Innovations
December, 2000
Will They Continue their Historic Tradition to Improve Recycling or Will They Make Plastics too Expensive to Recycle?

The Potential Impacts of Plastic Beer Bottles on Plastics Recycling
January 1999
This is a preliminary assessment of the recycling issues related to newly developing PET plastic beer bottles. This report will be updated in Summer 2000.

A technical analysis involving the pigmenting of plastic milk bottles
December, 1997
This report analyzed recycling issues related to a switch to pigmented HDPE bottles by some dairies.

Design for Recycling -- Recommendations for the Design of Plastic Bottles
November 1998
This report presents the recommended design-for-recycling guidelines developed through the Plastic Redesign Project by a committee of local recycling officials and industry representatives.

Phase Two Final Report
This report comprehensively describes the Plastic Redesign Project's work through November, 1998.

Potential Markets for Amber PET
This is a short list of potential markets for amber PET bottles, as of Summer, 2000.

Note: The Association of Post-Consumer Plastics Recyclers has also developed a thorough set of design-for-recycling guidelines.

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